Sanctuary Mission Inc.

Homeless shelter

Sanctuary Mission for Men & Grace House for Women.



7463 W. Grover Cleveland Blvd.

Homosassa, FL 34446



We are a Christian Homeless Shelter & Drug Rehab - a Safe House providing a second chance to the less fortunate by offering a positive peer oriented environment designed to promote spiritual and personal growth. We advance a Therapeutic Community model utilizing cognitive re-structuring nurtured by Christian principals and precepts. The schedule includes 12 step recovery, employment, hygiene, education and communication skills, counseling and Christian Bible studies, etc.

This program is a work program with strict rules. Men enter on a 90 day probation and will be required to work as part of their recovery.  


Citrus Chronicle Newspaper article 9-1-2012


The Sanctuary Mission Inc., provides transitional & emergency shelter to SINGLE MALE ADULTS in a residential group home style setting.



The Grace House - For Women and Single Mothers with Children.
Sanctuary Thrift Store - 7470 W Grover Cleveland Blvd.
(Located across the street from the Sanctuary Mission)
Support our Mission by donating to, and shopping at, our thrift store.
open T-F   9-4  /  Sat.   9-2   /   Closed Sunday & Monday
Thrift Store 352 503 2008 
 Men's house - Call Bob at 352 601 8025
Women's house - Call Debi at 352 422 1877
Men For Hire Program - This program is for the men that have completed our 28 day probation making it possible to work in a "Day Labor" position. Local residents call the Mission to hire men to work for an hour, or day. To hire our men for work, please call Bob at 352 601 8025 
Paul's Lawn Care - "Paul does it all." Staff member Paul Cooper hire's certain men who are proved to be hard workers, to work with him in his lawn care business which includes cutting down trees, landscaping, and all forms of lawn care. If you need lawn work, call Paul at 352 476 3520 
Housekeeping - This program is for our female residents to clean houses. 
Call Debi 352 422 1877 
Weekly meeting Schedule:
 These meetings are not open to the public. Pryor approval is required.

Men's House

7 am each weekday morning Bible study & house meeting

Monday 7:00 pm: - 12 Step Recovery with Joe Hupchick.

Tuesday 7:00 pm: - Bible Study with Brian O'Connell at the Sanctuary.

Wednesday 7:00 pm - Church Service at C.R. Assemblies of God.

Thursday 7:00 pm: - Bible Study with Joe Hupchick at the Sanctuary.

Friday 6:30 pm: - Social night - Bible study at the Sanctuary.

Saturday 8:00 am til 10:00 GI (Clean house)

Sunday 9:00 - noon - Church


 Women's House
7 am each weekday morning - Bible study & house meeting
Monday 2:30 pm: Bible study with Vicki & Mama Ruth
Tuesday 7 pm: Counseling & parenting class with Judy Awe
Wednesday 7:00 pm: Church at C.R. Assemblies of God
Thursday 7:00 pm: Bible Study with Judy Awe
Friday 5:30 pm: Celebrate Recovery
Saturday 8:00 am til 10:00 am GI (Clean House)
Sunday 9:00 am Church